Slounge Chair


Basic Info


The Slounge Chair is a sound installation made for the exhibition Galaxy Champion FUN ZONE. That exhibition was concerned with using the tools and aesthetics of video games to explore the migrant histories of Qendrim Hoti and I. The structure of the piece is a “gaming chair”–essentially a rocking chair with speakers built in. Using this form, I inserted stories form my parents’ arrival and acclimation to Canada, as well as their stories about their parents’ life in Italy. In the Slounge Chair’s newest incarnation, these stories are activated by a participant sitting down and rocking in the chair. Once the participant has done so, a soothing vibe will start to play followed by a recorded story.

Tech Specs and Maintenance

The artwork relies on a Raspberry Pi embedded within the device. To power it up, plug in the two barrel jacks on the chair’s lower right side. The computer will power-up on its own and take about 3 minutes to automatically start its program. Once started it can remain active all day.

To power down, hold down the small black button for 5 seconds. This will shutdown the computer inside the device. After about 1 minute, pull out the barrel jacks to fully power down the device. I will provide an illustrated version of these instructions for the gallery attendants.

Sample Stories

Below are two example stories which can be found on the device.

Also, here is a playlist of the vibes used as a background track:

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