Space Kilim


*The game can be played online here: *

Basic Info

  • Year: 2017
  • Materials: pico-8 game, rug and projector for installation
  • Dimensions: variable


This game was made in collaboration with Qendrim Hoti for our duo exhibition Galaxy Champion FUN ZONE. That exhibition centered around using modified/hacked video games to insert personal migrant histories into a variety of virtual worlds. Space Kilim was a game created by Hoti and I to explore how 8-bit computer graphics often have an uncanny aesthetic similarity to the motifs found in woven rugs.


A kilim is a hand woven rug found in Morocco, Turkey, and Albania. The motifs used in the game are from a number of textiles in Qendrim’s collection.

Technical details

The game itself can be played on any modern computer, either as a native executable or through a web-browser. In its initial installation, the game was played via a ceiling mounted projector which projected the game down onto a white fur rug. In this installation, the game stayed on continuously and a dedicated controller was provided, allowing it to be played by a gallery goer immediately.

Installation Images

_images/Kilim_2.JPG _images/Kilim_1.JPG

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